2D Measuring System MICRO CONTROL

Cost-efficient Measurement

The 2D Measuring System MICRO CONTROL determines dimensions and shapes of objects of various sizes by simple means and extremely low cost with a resolution in the micrometre range. Length and width, diameter, angle, straightness and parallelism, for example, can be determined from the preferably flat measuring objects, if necessary also in very large dimensions of several meters.

Materials from the printing industry such as paper, cardboard or paperboard as well as plastics, metals and other components can be measured. The extremely easy-to-use measuring system determines the positions of contour points of a test object that is placed on a coordinate system. By evaluating the precisely determined contour points, the desired measured dimensions, such as length, angle or linearity deviations, can then be calculated.

Easy Handling Guaranteed

The scope of delivery includes a calibrated coordinate system in the size required for the measurement task and a commercially available smartphone with a suitable measurement stand. In addition, a variety of measuring tools for contacting the measured object, also provided with their own coordinate system, special PC software and an app for the smartphone are supplied. After selecting the specific measurement task on the smartphone, the individual measurements are carried out via menu navigation. In each case, a combined camera image is generated from the coordinate system of the measuring tool and simultaneously from the underlying reference system, which is used to determine the exact position of the measuring tool or the contour of the test object being measured. After performing all required measurements, the result is displayed and saved. The data can be exported to a PC for protocol generation.

Overall, the system represents an extremely cost-effective option for very accurate two-dimensional measurements of objects, including in some cases very flat objects.

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