We set high standards in the graphic arts industry.

The PITSID (Polygraphische innovative Technik Leipzig GmbH) was founded in 1999. As a sister company of the Sächsisches Institut für die Druckindustrie Leipzig (SID), the company works in close cooperation with the research institute. The main business is the production, marketing and service of highly innovative test and measuring equipment for the printing industry.

The ultra-modern products are perfectly tailored according to the requirements of the printing industry and cover a broad range of applications for different tasks. Among other things PITSID offers systems for highly precise register measurement or printing plate positioning, measurement of pressures, roller settings, packing height or IPA concentration in the fountain solution. Also solutions for the determination of the curing of UV ink and varnish, or the measurement of the strength of book blocks are part of the portfolio.

As different as the fields of application are, as clear is the common denominator: PITSID measuring and testing devices combine highest precision with easy operation. Therefore, today the daily work of the international printing industry is hard to image without many of the products.

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PITSID GmbH - We set high standards in the graphic arts industry.

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