Register Measuring System LUCHS V

The LUCHS Register Measuring System is today used worldwide for the quality control, adjustment and error analysis of printing presses. It is able to measure the transfer, front-to-back and feed register of multicolour printing presses. Optionally, the device can be used to measure the folding and cutting register as well.

The measurement is carried out by recording and analysing special measuring elements located at different positions on the printed sheet and takes fractions of a second to complete. The fully automatic analysis assigns the measured results to the different printing units and positions on the printed sheet and summarises the results in various graphs.

The innovation continues: The fifth generation of the LUCHS Register Measuring System stands out thanks to improved camera image quality, faster data transmission, smart LED lighting, haptic feedback during measurement and optional varnish register measurement. LUCHS V is backwards compatible with the measuring elements of previous generations.

Here you can access the LUCHS web portal – the online service for LUCHS software and LUCHS measuring elements.

A product video is in progress.

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