Verein POLYGRAPH Leipzig e. V.

POLYGRAPH Leipzig e. V. is a non-profit association.


The association was founded in Leipzig in 1992. By choosing the name POLYGRAPH, the great tradition of Leipzig as a globally respected centre of printing and publishing, graphic arts engineering and a location for research and education was taken into account.

The POLYGRAPH Leipzig e.V. association is the sole proprietor of the Sächsisches Institut für die Druckindustrie GmbH (SID) and PITSID Polygraphische innovative Technik Leipzig GmbH.

Founding and Purpose of the Association

The purpose of the association, as laid down in its statutes, is the promotion of science and research as well as the publication of their results for use in the printing industry and in the field of printing machinery and equipment, the cultivation and further development of traditions and the promotion of education in the printing industry. The results of the association's activities are available to the general public.

The association pursues its purpose by

  • Allocating and implementing research projects outside a commercial business operation 
  • Organising scientific events, in particular seminars, symposiums and congresses
  • Informing the interested public
  • Publishing research results

The implementation of the objectives set out in the statutes is mainly achieved through the activities of SID and PITSID.

In particular, the association promotes practical scientific services and research tasks for the direct benefit of companies in the graphic arts industry. The range of services also includes methods from the fields of measurement and instrumentation technology as well as future-oriented topics from related fields of technology. 

Memberships for Actively Shaping the Future

Although the ownership role is the main focus of the association's work, the association increasingly sees itself as part of a network between the association members and the wider community.

Organisation of Technical Symposiums

Once a year, technical events open to the public are held in conjunction with the association's general meeting, at which technical presentations report on the work of the institute and current developments in the graphics industry are highlighted. 

Founded as a research institute for the graphic arts industry, the institute is also involved in other sectors in related and overlapping fields of knowledge and technology. 


Natural and legal persons, commercial companies and associations, as well as technical and scientific associations, regardless of their legal form, who support the objectives of the association, can become members of the association.

The membership fees are calculated according to the number of employees.

Further information on the conditions of membership can be found in the association's statutes. 

Contact persons for all questions concerning the association and membership are:

  • Chairman Prof. Dr. Michael Dattner 
  • Assistant Kathrin Winkler 

Take advantage of the diverse services of the institute and benefit from the innovative products of PITSID Polygraphische innovative Technik Leipzig GmbH. 


Verein POLYGRAPH Leipzig e. V.

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Prof. Dr. Michael Dattner
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