Contact Zone Measuring System NIP CON SMART

High Precision Measurement

The Contact Zone Measuring System NIP CON SMART is used for the exact determination of the contact zone (NIP width) between hard and elastic rollers. It is therefore ideal for checking and correcting the setting of dampening and inking unit rollers in printing presses. The device can also be used for other roller pairs in manufacturing equipment according to its respective specification.

The measurement is carried out simultaneously with two sensors in real time so that the results can be observed instantly when correcting the roller setting. The extremely lightweight sensors allow a one-person operation during sensor insertion and measurement. The system takes the critical roller parameters into account when calculating the real contact zone width and thus achieves an exact match with visually inspected strip widths under all conditions.


Innovative Operating Concept and Data Handling

The printing press roller diagram is created only once on the PC and is used on the tablet for convenient operation and visualisation. Measuring points are selected on the touchscreen and measured results are differentiated by colour. All results can be easily compiled in protocols or evaluated on the PC for further analysis. The possible integration of the system into a user’s existing network is an important requirement. The considerable time-saving benefits achieved in comparison to visual strip control and correction is a further economic effect.

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