Fundamentals of Packaging: Here's your Survival Kit.

A face-to-face seminar at SID in cooperation with the German Packaging Institute (Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut e. V.) on March 14 and 15, 2023.

The complete basic knowledge of all aspects of packaging in just two days of seminars. Acquire a solid and thorough foundation about packaging as a vital foundation for successfully carrying out the work in your area of responsibility. In addition to comprehensive information, there will also be time for your individual questions.

Particularly in the very diverse and complex packaging industry, solid foundational knowledge is indispensable. This seminar provides you with a comprehensive range of basic knowledge, definitions, interrelationships, requirements, regulations, overviews, and insights into packaging and related, packaging-relevant areas.

This seminar is divided into several blocks. After each block, there will be sufficient time to answer any questions you may have. Learn the most important facts about packaging and related topics in two days:

  • ▪  Packaging roles and benefits
  • ▪  Packaging functions and the optimal packaging compromise (protection, information, advertising/communication, convenience, transport/logistics, ...)
  • ▪  Interrelationships and packaging terms (DIN 55405, DIN 8740, DIN EN 415)
  • ▪  Overview of packaging substrates, packaging materials and aids
  • ▪  Requirements for packaging food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
  • ▪  Influences and regulations imposed by legislation (food legislation, environmental and waste disposal legislation)
  • ▪  Labelling systems, anti-counterfeiting measures
  • ▪  Overview and possible applications of various printing processes
  • ▪  Sustainability and life cycle assessments
  • ▪  Requirements for transport packaging and unit load securing

Target Audience

Packaging developers, career changers, inquirers, those eager to learn and those wanting to refresh their knowledge from the areas of purchasing, quality management, supply chain, production, sales, marketing and development at packaging manufacturers, packing companies (brand companies) and from the retail trade.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eugen Herzau, Head of the Packaging Technology Program, HTWK Leipzig.