LUCHS IV Training Successfully Completed

The PITSID GmbH is proud of the worldwide popularity of the Register Measuring System LUCHS IV. After sales successes in Europe and North America, the interest in this efficient and field-tested system is now also increasing in Asia.

The Indian subsidiary of Nilpeter, the Danish manufacturer of narrow web presses, headquartered in Chennai in the south-eastern federal state of Tamil Nadu, purchased a LUCHS IV and is the first customer located in India. The Print Service Manager of Nilpeter India, Mr. Karthikeyan, received comprehensive training for operating the Register Measuring System LUCHS IV at the offices of PITSID GmbH in Leipzig, Germany. This was necessary in order to explain the complexity and different functionalities of the system as well as for interpreting the results correctly. The LUCHS IV system is an advanced quality control system that gives a statistical calculation of the colour register on the printed web, which enables Nilpeter India to qualify their presses for highest quality compliance.

Time consuming press inspections and acceptance tests are now a problem of the past. The amount of time needed for these tasks is reduced dramatically by using the measuring device and the press customers will be able to receive faster, more dependable information about the performance of the presses. With the further development of the Register Measuring System LUCHS, now in its fourth generation, the system concept has been completely modified. It now consists of an easy to handle measuring head which is connected via USB to a normal PC.
The installed software analyses the collected data and displays the results. With this evolution, new measuring elements have been developed and those from older generations can also still be used without limitations. These new elements now allow the possibility for testing flexographic and digital presses in the same way. This was very important for Nilpeter India because the flexographic presses of the FB Line are exclusively manufactured in India and are then shipped worldwide. Apart from that, the Register Measuring System LUCHS IV will be a most welcome addition due to installations and initial start-ups of all other Nilpeter presses installed in India.

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