Successful Innovation Day to Mark the Anniversary of the Sächsisches Institut für die Druckindustrie (SID)

The institute celebrated its 30th anniversary

Some of the participants had already used the get-together offered the evening before in a nearby restaurant to get to know each other, network and talk shop. Due to the train strike and various traffic jams, others had a much harder time getting to the In novation Day in Leipzig on time.

After the SID management and the board of the POLYGRAPH Leipzig e. V. association welcomed the participants and presented the day's program, Dr.-Ing. Thomas Kaulitz, Managing Director of SID, spoke about the status quo and the future prospects of SID.

This was followed by four interesting technical presentations. First, Clemens Baumann from Omron Electronics GmbH gave a talk entitled "Vision Meets Robotic" on the benefits of integrated image processing in collaborative robots. An Omron robot was later demonstrated in action in the institute's press room. Dr. Alexander Münch from the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden e. V. then presented "Functional Polymer Coatings and Their Application in Inkjet Printing".

After a coffee break, Oliver Hensen from WKS Druckholding GmbH reported on his experiences with sustainable energy generation and the optimization of energy consumption in printing companies. Finally, Beatrix Genest from SID Leipzig presented the challenges of the ongoing project "Optimization of Ink Adhesion on Non-Absorbent Substrates".

The institute and its activities were then presented in guided tours and through product and service presentations. The participants met again at the lunch buffet, giving them further opportunities to exchange ideas.

Ultimately, the Innovation Day was a successful celebration with 80 guests and provided the opportunity for an interesting exchange of experiences as well as suggestions for future projects and assignments.

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