Eyes like a LUCHS

From the LUCHS web portal you can always download the latest version of the LUCHS control software. This file is password-protected.
Please, contact our hotline if you do not know the password.

LUCHS Setup V 4.5.02014-12-17

V450Setup (password-protected)

Inspection certificate - Sheetfed 20182018-07-12 (password-protected)

Installation instructions

Please, create on your computer the directory


and unpack the ZIP-file into this directory. Please, read the Readme.txt file (if available) for further instructions for the installation of the software.

Your comments, criticism or suggestions are always welcome as a contribution to the further development of the LUCHS register measuring system.


Dr.-Ing. Gerald Loh
Tel: +49 341 25942-24

Heiko Zimmer
Tel: +49 341 25942-25